A Precious Moment, A Lovely Image, Can Be Captured And Kept Forever


My Approach

Every wedding is different and as unique as the people you meet and the relationships you build. I love getting to know my couple's  personalities and working towards bringing them out in my images. I want you too look back on your wedding photos in years to come and be able to relive the same feelings of excitement, warmth and love that you felt on your special day.

Motivated by composition and light, but I find that the real challenge is capturing the  raw emotion of the day.
There’s an effortless style within my images and approach, as each photo flows with the next, telling a story with personality, heart and ease.  I like to let my couples be themselves, as I take a fly on the wall approach with my photography. “I’m there but I’m not” is a way I like to see it. There’s no forceful posing or unnatural direction, I capture the little in-between moments and the unexpected action just the way it occurs.